Netflix: Eye-Opening Documentaries

Struggling to find something to watch on Netflix? Here are some documentaries I have watched that have made me cry, laugh, love and have changed my perspective on certain aspects of life significantly. Enjoy! MY BEAUTIFUL BROKEN BRAINĀ  Such a beautiful documentary about a strong, inspiring women. It is stories such as these that make […]


remember when you forgot all the pain when you smiled, and the shadow disappeared but it’s in the back of your brain, and you’ll never be okay You feel it in the darkest days and even in the best It doesn’t matter how hard you try the memory will always, overcome the rest. The mirror […]


The world is a different place, my mind is a different place. Pretty much every day I check my ‘instafollow’ to see who has betrayed my friendship and unfollowed me. Everyday, I look through my social media feed and find someone who is way prettier, way more intelligent and accomplished in life. Seriously, I can’t […]